Inspired by the wisdom and insights of traditional herbal healers and naturopathic physicians around the world, Mother Island Botanicals brings you a heritage of healing supported by more than 40 years of research and practical application.

Mother Island Botanicals is born out of a near-lethal lightning strike!

"I had the blessed fortune of growing up with traditional Elders who were herbalists, midwives, and energy healers. My path in wellness was interrupted by a near-lethal lightning strike that changed my life. As a young adult, I was so unsure of how to best give back to the world, that I dropped out of school and wandered. My wandering naturally took me to wonderous bountiful mountains and deserts brimming with botanical magic. It was on one of those forested mountains that I was struck by a bolt of lightning. The force of the lightning threw me into the air, sun-hot electricity coursing through me until my body crashed to the ground. My heart and breathing stopped completely as I was taken to the very edge of death. The physical trauma and resulting damage of being struck by a lightning bolt became pivotal in bringing me back to my core path of naturopathic healing". Portia Ryan, MS, ND. From that very day, Mother Island Botanicals began to take shape. Go to the "Our Story" tab (at top of the page) to read more about our Founder and Mother Island Botanicals.

Our foundational philosophy is that Wellness is an adventure of exploration and discovery touching every level of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Mother Island Botanicals strives to bring you the best of Certified Organic, ethically, and sustainably wild-harvested botanicals and botanical based products. We work with a carefully curated worldwide network of organic farmers and ethical wildcrafters. These relationships have been built over many years. We are mindful of all the many parts of a journey plants go through to reach you from the field to your home. From the soil conditions to work conditions, Fair Trade, the way plants are harvested, processed, and stored, to meticulous testing of raw herbal material; we don’t ask you to use anything we wouldn’t give to ourselves and our own families. We support natural and integrative healing and have a fully sustainable supply chain with control of our herbs from soil to shelf. Our wellness-supporting products are made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and potency. Our teas and tisanes are steeped in ancient traditions from around the World, and supported by current-day research. Traditional "Functional” teas are intended to help your body achieve its optimal wellness or promote a particular mood or state of mindfulness. "Artisan" teas are fun and who doesn't love fun! "Mystical" teas are magical blends woven together to support your magical journey in life. Tea is like a warm hug in a cup, isn't it? Whether you're sipping on chamomile for relaxation, green tea for an energy boost, or peppermint for digestion, there's a tea for every mood. It's like a liquid remedy for whatever ails you—mind, body, or soul.

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All natural for your better health. Live on purpose, for a purpose!

Welcome to the apothecary of Mother Island, where you will find traditional healing remedies supported by current day knowledge. Learn about how you can create a more vibrant healthy life!