Our Story

The Birth of Mother Island Botanicals

After Portia was nearly killed by a full bolt of lightning out of the blue, the physical damage from external and internal electroshock and burns left her with constant searing nerve pain, and set her on a personal journey for holistic healing. This extraordinary event also caused a revitalization of her path ahead in life as a healer. While she does not recommend a lightning strike as a wake up call, she does encourage everyone to wake up to their life's path fully! In a deeper sense, Mother Island Botanicals began in Portia's childhood...

Her journey with holistic healing began at a young age as she gathered medicinal and edible plants with her Elders in the fields, mountains, and deserts to create traditional remedies, teas, tisanes, and tinctures that heal and support wellness. She vividly recalls herbs hanging from rafters, drying in cool dark rooms, a magical blend of aromas filling the air. Sitting around the fire with Elders, Portia learned the many stories of Mother Island, our small blue-green planet, and how we are all connected. These healers showed her how wellness is a journey, and includes the body, mind, emotions, and spirit - which is a  holistic path. The healing power of Mother Island’s botanicals became a part of her life journey that would lead her around the world to discover, learn, and research the many ways of healing.

Our Founder Portia Ryan holds postgraduate degrees in psychology and naturopathic health. After earning her postgraduate degree in psychology (family therapy and organizational psychology), Portia's work allowed her to serve the community as a family therapist in the Southwest where bountiful botanicals grew in what she calls "fields of formulas". Mother Nature often reveals groups of botanicals growing together that speak to specific healing needs, such as a Liver Health field! While working as a therapist, growing her counseling and business consulting practice, she also spent her free time gathering healing plants in small quantities to make specialized formulas for her health clients.

After being in private practice as a therapist and traditionally trained holistic herbalist, she returned to school for further training in naturopathic and herbal healing, custom formulation sciences, along with aromatherapy, body care, and energetic healing. Driven by her desire to know more about the botanical science that went with the traditional and magical spirit of botanical healing, she continues to be a student of Earth’s healing pharmacy, knowing she will be learning for the rest of her life.

Portia continues to develop wonderful healing formulas while educating the public, herbalists, physicians, nurses, naturopathic physicians, nutritionists, and veterinarians in the art and science of community and clinical herbal medicine. She also teaches and coaches business owners on the psychology of building a sustainable and service-oriented business. Life is a journey of exploration, discovery and adventure, and we are here to support you on that path with Mother Island Botanicals wonderful organic, ethically wild-sourced, and botanical based products, classes, and more!

In the highest light, life and love ~ Mother Island and Crew