About Mother Island Botanicals Organic Teas and Tisanes

Our Functional Teas are based on thousands of years of worldwide healers working in concert with people in their communities to create potent botanical blends to promote wellness. These time-tested functional teas are formulated to serve a specific purpose. Each herb works synergistically with the others, and together they work in harmony with your body’s natural inclination toward health.

Our Artisan teas and tisanes are thoughtfully crafted to delight your senses and uplift your spirit. Some of our teas have a single premium ingredient. One such tea is our Certified Organic Japanese Sencha Leaf caffeinated and decaffeinated. This is a highly prized first-harvest green tea, sourced in the Uji region, and grown under pristine conditions. Our artisan blends are combined with harmony in mind, as each plant has a special role to play in the full-bodied culinary experience.

Our Mystical teas and tisanes are crafted to bring your seen and unseen sense alive to support you in your journey of reconnecting with your higher power, your spirit, and your place in our world.

ALL of our teas, being pure botanical in nature, are full of numerous health benefits. We encourage you to research the various ingredients for their wellness-supporting benefits! And yes, we must tell you “Statements regarding dietary supplements, teas, and tisanes have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition”.

We use certified organic and responsibly and sustainably wild-harvested botanicals, carefully sourced from around the world. We bring you only the best botanicals, certified organic, responsibly and sustainably wild harvested, non-GMO, and all botanicals pass rigorous testing for purity. We support Fair Trade farmers who care for their families and communities. All our botanical products are produced in the USA under strict federal guidelines.