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Celtic Wings Tea Infuser, Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel Fine Mesh

Celtic Wings Tea Infuser, Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel Fine Mesh

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Our Celtic Wings tea infuser may inspire you to brew up your tea and brew up your intentions for positive energy. This fine-mesh tea strainer has a stainless steel rim and two wings allowing the basket-style infuser to rest easily in your cup or teapot, allowing water to flow effortlessly through the loose-leaf herbs. This is for loose-leaf tea and herbs, not necessarily for fine-grain cut tea. When steeping, we like to keep it  covered to ensure that essential compounds rising in the steam flow back down into the brew. Food-grade Stainless Steel tea strainer, open basket shape.

WEIGHT   2.25 oz. (approximate)

DIMENSIONS 1.95 in. across middle, 4.92 in.  wing tip to wing tip, 3.94 in. deep

Washing instructions: hand wash with soap and warm water, rinse thoroughly. Dishwasher safe, but like any small item, make sure you secure it before starting your wash.

Notes: Manual measurement, please allow slight errors in size. The color of your item may look a little different from this one,  due to the different resolutions of different screen displays. Please determine the use of this item before buying to make sure it will fit your needs.

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